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  • It was proclaimed best
    honey ‘in the world’ in 2013
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  • A beekeeping tradition
    that spans five generations

Who we are


We are the fifth generation of beekeepers who passionately continue our family tradition. Our story began in 1950 in Agia Triada, Yialousa, when Dimitris Papakostas inherited 20 hives from his father and became involved in beekeeping. Today, we are active in all stages of production, from the bees to bottling, ensuring the very best quality of our products.

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Tziverti honey was proclaimed ‘Best Honey in the World’ at the ‘’World Beekeeping Awards’’ organised by Apimondia on the 43rd Apimondia International Congress. The biennial Apimondia International Congress is attended by thousands of beekeepers from every corner of the world and is highly regarded as the world’s most important beekeeping event. This success is a great honour for Cyprus, to the Cypriot beekeeping industry as a whole, and to our family, and is the result of our absolute dedication to the quality of our product.

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Honey is a naturally sweet substance produced by bees from plant nectar, or from secretions from the live parts of plants, or secretions of plant sap-sucking insects, which bees collect and convert by blending it with special substances in their bodies. They then remove excess water, as they deposit and store it in the honeycombs of the hives for it to mature.

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Bees appeared on the earth 80 million years ago and they evolved from insects that looked like wasps. Today, there are over 20.000 types of bees around the world and 700 species, including the common bee. It is believed that the place where their diaspora first began was in the area of the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia.

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